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Bob is your biggest advocate. He’s committed to providing entrepreneurs like you with the information and insights you need to build and maintain a healthy company. Body of Business, Principles of a Healthy Business carefully guides you through the fundamentals of business, and carves out a clear-cut path towards success.
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Principles of a Healthy Business

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The entrepreneur, the idea, the product and the sale.


Working Capital:
The most important and overlooked part.

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About The Author

About the Author, W.R. (Bob) Seeds

W.R. "Bob” Seeds

Life-long entrepreneur, Bob graduated from West Texas A&M University in Canyon,Texas in 1976. After graduation, he co-founded and was CEO of Zebbies, Inc., a company that manufactured and sold goods to major grocery stores for a decade. In 1990, Bob founded and was CEO of CF Chefs, Inc., a private custom liquid and dry sauce manufacturer. After the business sold in 2010, Bob founded Seeds Financial, LLC, a financial services business, where he currently serves as owner and CEO. Recently, Bob has joined with the former head chef of CF Chefs, Inc. to form Culinary Science, LLC that brings innovative products to the marketplace. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Citizens National Bank of Texas. When he's not taking care of business, you can find Bob with his wife Donna, spending time with their six grandchildren and traveling the world together.

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